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Proyectos para acompañamiento por parte de Enermass

ENERMASS: Call for Proposals
The launch of the 1st Call for Proposals ENERMASS is open continuously from 20 March to 31 December 2013.
ENERMASS is a European transnational project whose main goal is to create a cluster on the theme of biomass energetic valorization (bioenergy chain) at SUDOE (South-Western European Space) level. Today Enermass is a consortium composed by relevant actors working in the renewable energies field and especially in biomass sector in Spain, Portugal and France.

The project aims to create a transnational structure that is active throughout the SUDOE to develop projects combining supply of technology, economic and environmental aspects.

The main objectives of the cluster are:
  • to identify innovation stakeholder’s projects at early stages and support them.
  • to effectively help and follow up these projects by funding studies (technical, economic, legal, regulatory).
  • to implement (regulatory, legal, technical) watch and lobbying to represent Enermass consortium main goals.
  • to support consortium agreements between firms for technological developments and intellectual property rights, dissemination of know-how…
  • to implement quality labels for Enermass services such as consulting and training.
The cluster wants to meet these goals by enhancing cooperation between organizations, institutes and enterprises through the South Western Europe area.

Enermass aims at enhancing innovation in the biomass-energy field. As a result, it should promote innovative and high impact projects that could disseminate throughout the SUDOE

The project is financed by the funds FEDER from EU and will run during the period from September 2012 until December 2014.

For more information please contact:   clusterbiomasayenergia@ecobiomasa.com

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